Thursday, February 5, 2009

January 3, 2009 - Inaugural Voyage

After some months of idle musings, the first Kansas Game Day was scheduled for January 3, 2009.

Location: Yoda's House
Players: Yoda, Steve, MichaelP, MichaelU

The day got off to a rocky start with the discovery that Munchers was closed, presumably due to proximity to the holiday. Yoda scrambled to procure alternate doughnuts while the other participants converged. Daily Doughnut filled the gap, but didn't stack up too well by comparison to Munchers.

Doughnuts consumed, the discussion of what to play commenced. Steve brought a LOTR themed game and Illuminati. Yoda's game cabinet was perused.

We started with the LOTR game. It was a game that we all win or lose together. Everyone has to avoid Sauron or everyone loses. In this case, Sauron won. Not having played before, we were figuring out things as we went along. We decided a number of things we might do differently if we play it again.

Pizza ordered for lunch. We played Chronology while waiting for it to arrive. MichaelP won. Steve professed his hatred for such a game.

After lunch, we embarked on a game of Illuminati. MichaelP schemed. MichaelU cheated. (Sometimes we stopped him, sometimes not.) Steve tried to cheat. (We did stop him.) As the time was coming to a close, Yoda took a shot and managed to win, barely.

Yoda brought out Iron Dragon and gave a brief description of the game to set the stage for its future appearance at Game Day.

Game Day photos, courtesy of Steve's iPhone.

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